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Guatemalan Huipil

Shop vintage Guatemalan huipil blouses at El Interior. A huipil is an Aztec or Nauhuatl word referring to a Mesoamerican woman’s upper body garment. Most of the huipiles are woven on a back-strap, pre-Hispanic type of loom, by a single woman for her own use or perhaps a family member; some are woven on the larger treadle loom. Each huipil has special pattern associated with a particular village. Thus when a woman went to market, people could always identify where she was from. These huipiles were all made in the traditional style, and work great as a blouse or layered over a turtleneck!

Note: Most of these are a one-size-fits-most garment, which means they can be worn loose or more fitted, depending on your preference. Browse through our inventory below, or use the dropdown menus to the right to narrow down your search.