Amusgo Huipiles

Mexican Indigenous weaver Odilon Merino Morales is the director of a cooperative of 84 Amusgos weavers and is well-known for his art of weaving, utilizing the pre-Hispanic style backstrap loom to create most of his pieces. Born into a small ethnic group called the Amusgos, Morales lives close to the Costa Chica in the state of Oaxaca, located in southern Mexico. Natural dyes, as well as the special naturally colored brown and green cotton (a variety of wild cotton), are used throughout the textiles.  The cooperative’s work also includes cotton threads dyed with the beautiful purple dye from the “Caracol” snail dye. Morales and the Amusgos weaving cooperative are responsible for a “renaissance” in the highest quality, producing beautiful, wearable one-of-a-kind articles for adornment.

Note: One-size fits most. See length of huipil for a better idea of fit.

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Meet the Makers:

Doña Ofelia weaving on her backstrap loom at her adobe home in San Pedro Amuzgos.