Thursday, April 18th at 7 PM

Lisa Orr will visit the store to give a talk on the art and craft of making Michoacan green pottery. These beautiful pinas, or pineapples, are made in several small villages in Michoacan, Mexico and are truly one-of-a-kind. She will also be showing selections from a documentary titled “Pineapples of Patamban and San José de Gracia” that she produced in collaboration with Troy Lanier. This documentary covers how the potters produce their low-fire pieces from start to finish. Local clay is collected, processed, shaped in bisque molds, embellished with applied sprig textures, and then fired in wood-burning kilns. The film also reveals a culture of sustainability in which each generation gathers its materials locally and creates tools from what is at hand.

Store owner Marcia Lucas will be on hand to talk about the families she works with when bringing back pinas for the store.

For 38 years, Lisa Orr has been a professional potter and student of ceramics. She completed an MFA at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 1992, and later received several grants, including a Fulbright and a MAAA/NEA.Her work is in numerous public and private collections such as the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisc and the permanent collection of WOCEF in Korea.Currently she teaches, lectures and shows nationally and internationally.

To read more about Lisa Orr and peruse her works of art, you can visit her website:


Thursday, May 2nd at 6 PM

Join us for an extravagant fiesta as we celebrate our 40th anniversary! Music will be performed by Mariachi Los Gallos and El Tule throughout the evening. There will be dancing in the street, refreshments and several special guests making appearances!

Austin Friends of Folk Art will be on hand to talk to about the future plans of its growing collection of folk art, as well as its educational programs and membership levels.

Marika Alvarado, an Apache and Tonkawa Medicine Woman, will be talking about her new non-profit school of traditional medicine, Of the Earth Institute of Indigenous Cultures and Teachings, as well as her collaborative relationship with the Dell Medical School.

Maria Marenco, who is currently apprenticing with Ms. Alvarado, will be giving insightful curandera readings surrounded by candles to bring more love and abundance into one’s life.

Angélica Vásquez Cruz, who has been recognized as one of the great masters of Oaxaca folk art by Fomento Cultural Banamex, will travel from Santa Maria Atzompa in Oaxaca to make an appearance at the event for an intimate talk and demonstration of her craft.

Keep checking back for more announcements!