Our story

For over 40 years, Marcia Lucas, folk art specialist and owner of El Interior, has been traveling to Mexico and Guatemala to cultivate relationships with the crafters and artisans whose wares she purchases. There is no middleman or corporate entity involved — Marcia buys directly from the artisans responsible for our clothing, folk art, textiles and other imports. Your purchases from El Interior directly help support the sustainable lifestyles of the artists who create these products.

Marcia has a deep passion and commitment towards supporting the cultures of Indigenous Mesoamerica, especially Mexico and Guatemala. Her goal has always been to share her knowledge of its people and educate about their traditional customs and cultural values. El Interior promotes sustainability by buying the beautiful and lovingly created products that artisans have handmade in their homes and workshops, and presenting these unique pieces to a wider, global audience. Indigenous Mesoamerican culture is one that lives life from the heart and empowers deep connection with their families, communities and Mother Earth. Marcia strives to provide the highest quality of goods filled with beauty, and to serve El Interior’s customers in the very best way she can.

El Interior is one of Austin’s oldest and most established shops for Mexican clothing and folk art. We carry a wide range of women’s clothing (including blouses, huipiles, skirts and dresses from Mexico and Guatemala), men’s Guayabera shirts, colorful textiles, oilcloth and folk art. Figural ceramics by the Aguilar family, along with wood carvings, tin wall art, green Michoacàn pottery, Taxco silver jewelry, Colonial-style silver jewelry and home accessories are all part of our unique inventory. Since 1979, we’ve offered the highest quality of craftsmanship and customer service in our convenient West Austin location, all personally collected by owner Marcia Lucas from folk artists and artisans throughout Mexico and Guatemala.

Over the last four decades, Marcia has collaborated with a number of artisans in Mexico and Guatemala to bring one-of-a-kind fashions and folk art pieces to El Interior. Though it would be impossible to showcase each person that has handmade a garment or a created a stunning piece of art that ended up at our store — there are so many wonderful artisans whose love, care and hard work went into making these exceptional products — we wanted to share a few of our favorite photos and videos from over the years that we feel truly highlight the beauty and passion behind this work.


Weavers of San Pedro Amusgos, Mexico as filmed by Ann Mundy