Celebrating 40 Years in Style!

To commemorate El Interior’s 40th year of business, we visited Candy’s beautiful lake house for some fun, relaxation and a festive photoshoot featuring a hand-picked selection of our favorite fashions from El Interior. In honor of reaching this glorious milestone, an extravaganza hosted by store owner Marcia Lucas will be taking place at 6 PM on May 2, 2019. We hope all of you will join us for this special event! Music is to be performed by Mariachi Los Gallos and El Tule throughout the evening. There will be dancing in the street, refreshments and several guests making appearances over the course of the night. Special guests include Oaxacan Grand Master of Pottery Angélica Vásquez Cruz, Austin Friends of Folk Art, a local organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of folk art and world cultures, Apache and Tonkawa Medicine Woman Marika Alvarado and Nicaraguan Curandera Maria Marenco. For a full description of the evening’s events, please visit our Facebook page.

Every piece of clothing showcased in the set of photos below was handmade by an artisan in Mexico and brought here directly by Marcia Lucas.


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