El Interior’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

1. San Juan Colorado Huipil – Unique and versatile, these long huipiles work wonderfully for all seasons.
2. Guatemalan Clutch Wallet – Stay organized year-round with one of these handcrafted beauties.
3. San Antonino Dress – One of our most-loved and popular garments!
4. Chiapas Huipil – Bold colors and intricate patterns make our Chiapas huipiles an excellent gift choice.
5. Frida Kahlo Tote Bag – Adorable and functional, these totes are ideal for any occasion.
6. Crossbody Bag – We recently received a new shipment and you’re going to LOVE our fun and festive bags!
7. San Antonino Dress – Traditional and timeless, these stunning dresses will never go out of style.
8. Alpaca Silver Pendant – An elegant pendant to add to your growing jewelry collection.
9. Tehuantepec Huipil – This style of blouse was donned by Frida Kahlo herself numerous times over the years!
10. Otomi Placemat – Perfect for the holidays & hosting.
11. San Antonino Blouse – Lovely, well-made blouses for everyday wear and special occasions.
12. Filigree Earrings – A must-need statement piece for any outfit!
13. Guatemalan Huipil – Beautiful, hand embroidered vintage huipils that are truly one-of-a-kind.
14. Guatemalan Pillow Cover – Add a vibrant pop of color to your home!

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