Oaxaca Group Tour: February 2019

El Interior owner Marcia Lucas shares a big hug with her longtime friend, one of the famous pottery sisters, Concepcion Aguilar in Ocotlan de Morelos.

Noriberto and his son show off the masks they made for Carnival in San Martin, Tilcajete

El Interior friend Anne enjoys a shot of mezcal as part of the welcome from Noriberto (right) and his father Ventura.

In the 1960’s, Fabian and some of his neighbors in the Zapotec village of San Martin Tilcajete developed a powerful woodcarving craft and market for their colorful and fantastic figures and animals based on their community’s centuries old, folk art tradition of making toys and ceremonial dance masks.

Ventura carving details on a figure.

Goodbye Dinner on a rooftop in the City of Oaxaca

El Interior Winter 2019 Travel Group

10,000+-year-old Rock Art outside Tlacolula

Marcia Lucas on the rooftop of La Olla restaurant in Oaxaca

Sebastian, our driver. He is a Zapotec indigenous man who lives in Tlacolula. He’s offering a tasting of the mezcal he crafted.

Guillermina Aguilar, one of the famous Aguilar pottery sisters

Big smile. Guillermina is happy with her works.

Ingredients at Chef Pilar Cabrera’s Cooking School for Oaxaca’s famous mole

Dried Chiles in the Market

Abundance and Diversity in the Market

Chef Pilar (left) shows how to pick the best

Life deals you your cards but you decide how to play them.

Wedding procession in the street

Bride and Groom

In the Market

Guillermina and her husband share a laugh.

Concepcion in her studio.

Concepcion’s daughters at work.

Sunday Market at Tlacalula

3 thoughts on “Oaxaca Group Tour: February 2019


    I would love to go to on your next trip to Mexico, if possible. I’ve done some work in clay and currently work mostly
    in pastels. If there is an upcoming trip with openings, please inform me. The pictures are quite enticing.

  2. Margaret harriss says:

    Are you planning another trip to Mexico for ur “followers?” I would like to go with you! I’ve wanted to go with you so much for years but have always had a conflict. When is ur next one?

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