The Origin of the Amuzgo Huipil

Odilon merino morales

Summertime in Austin screams for cool, breathable garments with a unique style. The artistry of Amuzgos weaver Odilon Merino fills that need with an unrivaled beauty and a reverence to exquisite indigenous stories from his region.

Each thread tells a marvelous story. A story of the creation of the Amuzgos people, a story of the abuelas passing down their traditional weaving techniques generation after generation, a story of an ancient art that, according to Amuzgos legend, was originally taught to the women by a spider.

These traditional weaving techniques require an ancient tool called a back-strap loom and the skills and stories seem to be fading with every passing year. Odilon knew he had to do something to help preserve his ancestral story, which is why he decided to learn the weaving techniques and form a co-op of weavers in San Pedro Amuzgos, Oaxaca, Mexico. His co-op employs dozens of talented local weavers who are making a good living with Fair-Trade wages while creating the exquisite wearable art and keeping the old ways alive.

To add one of these beautiful and authentic pieces to your wardrobe, please visit our store at 1009 West Lynn, Austin, TX 78703 or view our stunning collection online.

A couple of weeks ago, we welcomed the talented Odilon Merino Morales to our store once again to demonstrate his weaving technique. We had a wonderful time watching and listening to him talk about his life and passions.

Here are a few of our favorite photos from the event (click to view full-size):

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  1. David Mercado says:

    Mimi, we are looking forward to hosting Odilon again next year if all things go as planned. Stay tuned!

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