Frida Kahlo: Artist, Icon and Fashionista

Select pieces of beautiful Mexican and Guatemalan clothing once donned by one of our all-time favorite fashionistas, artists and prominent trendsetters Frida Kahlo are currently on exhibit at the Victorian and Albert Museum in London. The weavers and indigenous people of Mexico and Guatemala helped inspire the traditional style of Ms. Kahlo, who utilized their styling to adapt to her special physical needs. She also greatly appreciated the strong lineage of women from whence these garments came. Their work is the heart and soul behind the fashions we carry here at El Interior. You can read more about this fascinating exhibit over at The New York Times: The Real Story Behind Frida Kahlo’s Style.

“In late May, the high-ceiling textile-conservation department of the Victoria and Albert Museum was buzzing with activity. Curators fitted several full enagua skirts and square-cut embroidered huipil blouses — some bearing traces of paint and ink — onto mannequins. Alongside were heavy strings of Aztec beads, richly colored rebozo shawls and a starched lace headdress known as a resplandor — all ingredients of what would become the museum’s major summer exhibition: “Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up.”

Scheduled to open on Saturday and run to Nov. 4, the show is the latest manifestation of a vogue for examining an artist’s image as a creation in its own right.”


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