Nacimientos: Traditional Nativity Scenes from Mexico Exhibition with Ed Jordan

Many changes have occurred in the life of Ed Jordan and his beloved Collection of Folk Art in the last 10 years. (Click here to view our tour of his home in February 2007.) One of the biggest, was his decision to sell his 100 plus year old home! We recently visited with Ed at Mexic-Arte Museum in downtown Austin to photograph and film their outstanding exhibit Nacimientos: Traditional Nativity Scenes from Mexico. * The majority of the exhibit’s nativity scenes are from The Ed Jordan Collection!  Mexic-Arte Museum’s curatorial staff did an outstanding job displaying the Nativity Scenes, giving Ed much pleasure, pride and enjoyment, we think you will agree!

Nacimientos: Traditional Nativity Scenes from Mexico

Nacimientos: Traditional Nativity Scenes from Mexico presents the tradition of Nacimientos that survives in present-day Mexico as a visual amalgam of indigenous pre-Colombian and Spanish Colonial representations. The exhibition features a rich tradition of handmade Nacimientos from the Museum’s permanent collection and loans from Edwin R. Jordan; many of the nativity scenes in a variety of materials depict a reflection of Mexico’s landscape, such as cacti, turkeys, and market scenes.

Annex Gallery in the Mexic-Arte Museum (419 Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78701)

December 9, 2016 – January 29, 2017


Below are some photos of the beautiful exhibition that is up until the end of January. We also have a video conversation with Ed about the exhibition that is coming soon! Check back for an update next month!

In the meantime, a brief update, Jordan donated his library to Austin Friends of Folk Art and because of their special relationship with Austin’s Travis County, Travis County has established the Ed Jordan Library and Research Center at 700 Lavaca Street Austin Texas, including Jordan’s book collection of Folk Art and travel books on Mexico. The Austin Friends of Folk Art has also acquired Jordan’s stunning (60 piece) Heron Martinez Collection. Austin Friends of Folk Art has an arrangement with Travis County to store and display their folk art collections and Jordan’s Heron Martinez Collection, will be on display from time to time with Travis County in their various offices, while they work on a more permanent display space. The possible goal being to create an Ethnographic Museum of the various groups of people that have settled here in Austin Texas.

Jordan has donated, to Mexic-Arte Museum, his collection of Tonala Pottery Burnished pieces, some 80 pieces and 6 boxes of matt finished Tonala pottery pieces.  To be continued…


Ed Jordan 's Principal Nacimiento on display at Mexic Arte

Ed Jordan ‘s Principal Nacimiento on display at Mexic Arte. A panoramic view of more than 27 feet.

The manager scene that “Everyone in this scenario” is going to visit.

Most All nacimientos portray devils in them– they are after all fallen angels and remind us humans of our own shadow selves!
Detail of lake, waterfall and river.

Ed Jordan and Marcia Lucas January 2017 Mexic Arte Museum.

Ed’s miniature Nacimientos.
The Yellow is a Nacimiento from Tonala.
A vintage Metepec Nacimiento.
Vintage Santiago family Nacimiento from La Union Tejalapan Oaxaca. There are three brothers that are excellent wood carvers in this family and continue to use the aniline dyes to color their work.
These pieces are from the famous late Teodora Blanco family in Atzompa Oaxaca. Some of the older pieces may actually be her work . She passed away in 1980. I , Marcia Lucas had the good fortune to meet her and attend a demonstration of her work the summer of 1980.
Detail of the crèche


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