Our Dreams and How We Heal with Marika Alvarado

We are excited to share a wonderful event that we are co-sponsoring with the Austin Friends of Folk Art! Indigenous Medicine Woman of Apache & Tonkawa descent, Marika Alvarado will be giving a talk titled, Our Dreams and How We Heal. She will also be bringing some tincture for the attendees to try. Refreshments and snacks will be provided.


I am a traditional healer, trained in the use of Native methods that have been handed down to me from the women in my family, from generation to generation. Working in harmony with the plants of the earth and the rhythm of the body, I use my hands to assist the body, mind, and spirit in healing itself and I also use knowledge native plants in the forms of teas, tinctures and creams that I create. My work is in its purest, traditional form; nothing has been changed or newly created. I teach classes in traditional medicine I conduct plant walks. I do individual private healing sessions.



This event is free, but a small donation to the Austin Friends of Folk Art, a non-profit organization, is appreciated.

Find out more information on this event here.