Josefina Aguilar – Artist Update



In 2014, famous potter Josefina Aguilar of Ocotlan, Oaxaca Mexico became blind. I remember visiting her shortly after her blindness struck and discussing with her how her hands were going to become her eyes: “My hands know what to do,” she told me. To back that up, I am sharing a few photos from a demonstration she did for our tour in February 2016.

Josefina Aguilar - Artist Update
Here the mostly finished product, woman and child.
Josefina Aguilar - Artist Update
Josefina’s daughter helping her mother with fine facial details to complete the piece.
Josefina Aguilar - Artist Update
Josefina Aguilar working the clay for a Mother and Child pottery figure
Josefina Aguilar - Artist Update
Market Woman and nursing Child almost ready to begin drying out process.
Nursing Market Lady
One of Josefina’s finished Market Woman and nursing Child pieces.

Find more of Josefina Aguilar’s work here.

2 thoughts on “Josefina Aguilar – Artist Update

  1. Dr. J. Bell-Jones says:

    I read that she passed away in 2012! Then I read she’s alive and blind. Don’t know which to believe .

  2. Marriah Tarango says:

    These photos are from our recent travels this year to Mexico in February 2016. Josefina is alive and well! Still creating art, despite her blindness.

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