Oaxaca Group Tour: February 2016

Organo Cactus living fence | Oaxaca Mexico - El Interior

After Marcia Lucas’ buying trip for our store, she invited guests to go on a tour with her around the beautiful state of Oaxaca Mexico for a week of fun. Below are some wonderful photos before and during the group’s tour from January 29 – February 6, 2016. Read the small captions below the photos for information on where the photo was taken.

In the home workshop of Gaspar and Neyali in San Martin Tilcajete .

Maria and Lazaro Montano, our hosts in Teotitlan Del Valle Oaxaca, what a wonderful day we had!

The Montanos grand son Juan, age 10, with his first weaving.


In front of the Xochimilco Chuch Early Saturday afternoon.

Agaves blooming in front of the Sto Domingo Cathedral, Oaxaca in the early evening.

A 500 year old Biznaga cactus in Oaxaca’s gorgeous Ethnobotanical Gardens designed by Francisco Toledo, internationally famous contemporary painter.

The trinity of Corn, Squash, and Beans all growing together in the Milpa. It is so perfect how each of these three plants each aid and contribute to each other’s growth. The beans supply nitrogen to the corn and squash and use the corn stalk to climb on; the squash leaves shade the corn plants roots, and help retain moisture in the soil.

Our guide in the Market, Yolanda explaining the different Chiles in Oaxaca.

Enjoying a snack in the Merced Market.

Our 2016 Oaxaca tour group & the largest biomass in the world, a Oaxaca cypress tree!


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