Paris Designer Wants to Copyright Mixe Design

Isabel Marant blog postI was stunned when I heard that Paris designer, Isabel Marant, is trying to copyright a traditional indigenous Mixe blouse design for her own fashion line. How could anyone think they have the rights to a blouse design that has been passed down from Mother to daughter for so many generations? To read more about the controversy, click here.

At El Interior, we are proud to work with the Mixe artisans of Tlahuitoltepec—a real tongue twister—located in a remote part of the Mexican state of Oaxaca. They work hard to design, sew and embroider the beautiful Santa Maria blouse for us. We’ve come to know them and appreciate their beautiful culture where the Mixe native indigenous language is still spoken. We admire their sustainable lifestyle and generous spirit. This particular village is also known for producing some of Oaxaca’s most accomplished musicians, as well as the fabulously designed embroidery work on the women’s clothing that is at the center of this controversy.  It surprises me that anyone can be so arrogant and downright “colonial” in our contemporary global society that they would try to claim this artistry as their own original work. — Marcia

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