Isidoro Cruz: Master Carver from Oaxaca

The master woodcarver Isidoro Cruz in his home workshop in 2014

Isidoro Cruz is a master wood-carver from San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca. He is also the father of Nayeli Cruz, who followed in her father’s tradition and married fellow wood-carving artist, Gaspar Calvo Fabian. Isidoro started carving at a young age, making masks for local carnivals. He continues to make masks, as well as all sorts of other creatures, often adding an element of the surreal or mystical to his pieces.

Find more of Isidoro Cruz’s work here.

2 thoughts on “Isidoro Cruz: Master Carver from Oaxaca

  1. Henry Unger says:

    My wife and I met Senor Cruz many years ago and actually had mezcal with him. We bought a pink panther mask from him and have always enjoyed and cherished it

  2. marcia lucas says:

    Dear Henry,
    Isidoro was such an amazing man and a true Elder in Zapotec village, San Martin Tilcajete.
    Sadly he died a few years ago. I still visit his wife and daughter Nayeli Cruz , she and her husband are making fabulous wood carvings intricately painted— Different style and generation!

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