Concepción Aguilar: Clay Artist

Concepción Aguilar, the youngest of the famous Aguilar Sisters, was just nine when her mother died without teaching her the skills she had previously passed on to her three other daughters. However, Concepción developed her incredible skill with clay first by imitating her sisters and then constantly pushing herself to further develop her talent. Perhaps because of her dedication to creativity, she definitely holds her own with her famous sisters, and some critics would even argue that she is the most innovative artist among her talented family.

Concepción’s work has gained her recognition since the late 1980s due to its grace and delicacy. Her favorite subject matter includes virgins, devils, flower women, and bugs. In 1990, she received an award for her work from the National Museum of Popular Arts and Industries in Mexico City. She has exhibited in the United States, Canada, and several other countries for many years.

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