Angélica Vásquez Cruz: Master Potter from Oaxaca

Angélica Vásquez Cruz
Angélica Vásquez Cruz
Angelica Vasquez at work in her studio

Angélica Vásquez Cruz is a master Potter from Atzompa, Oaxaca, Mexico. She is the sister of Enedina Vasquez, and both she and her sister began working with clay at a young age. Angélica does not actually paint her work, but instead developed a process using “agobes,” her term for natural colored substances, such as stone or volcanic ash, which she uses to add different hues to her pieces. She is the recipient of Mexico’s highest honor for artists, granted by the Mexican Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Clay nativity basket scene
This clay wall-hanging depicts the Nativity scene, with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in the center with some barnyard animals, flanked by a pair of singing angels. Instead of a manger, the scene is set in a basket, decorated with pine cones, flowers, and the three wise men.

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