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Oaxaca Mexico Group Tour 2016

Organo Cactus living fence | Oaxaca Mexico - El Interior

After Marcia Lucas’ buying trip for our store, she invited guests to go on a tour with her around the beautiful state of Oaxaca Mexico for a week of fun. Below are some wonderful photos before and during the group’s tour from January 29 – February 6. Read the small captions below the photos for […]

Oaxaca’s Native Maize Embraced by Top Chefs in U.S. and Europe

Maria Juana

Oaxaca’s Native Maize original article posted in New York Times by Victoria Burnett SANTA ANA ZEGACHE, Mexico — In the birthplace of maize, nobody seemed to need Juan Velasco’s crop. For a few years, he was unable to sell half of the nutty, orange-colored cobs that he harvested. There is no farmers’ market in this […]